The Lotus

"Lotus Study" Oil on stretched canvas, 8"x 10" $200

"Lotus Study" Oil on stretched canvas, 8"x 10" $200

Tuesday, October 25, 2016



   I recently heard somewhere " You cant talk about art, You have to Art about art."  Which seems to ring quite true for me. But here I am, not just talking about it but blogging about it! I think to me though, the idea of taking it all to seriously, and not simply sitting in silence and observing art, is a waste of time.  The more you try to speak about something visual, and intellectualize it, I feel the further you get from it. Painting and drawing for me have always been a way to speak without words, to transform what I see and experience around me into something that is pure.
   I went to art school for awhile in my younger days, and it seemed to stifle something in me. I barely picked up a paintbrush for months after.  I felt their take on it  in school, was so much more about the process and so little about the end result. Which for some is just fine, but not for me. I want to create beauty, to invoke a mood,  to give people something lovely to look at in this crazy world. To Maybe that is shallow, or simplistic and I am simply missing some great piece of what Art is. I guess it can be so many things its hard to nail down. But to me, I think the less you talk about it, and the more you simply drink it in and feel it, the more powerful it is. I like art that makes you stop in your tracks, make your breath catch in your throat, work that inspires awe. 

  This is just a simple little oil study of a lotus, but to me it says so much more. It is my journey, it is my light.  I have dabbled in Buddhist mediation for a long time and have always felt solace in the image of the lotus. I remember seeing some while in Hawaii as a child and my mom telling me how they represent enlightenment. I thought that was such a beautiful image, the idea of rising from the dark muddy, murky depths  into the light, sun and beauty above. I only wish more of us realized that we can rise above, that we have that innate power, beauty, and light within.

  This piece is inspired by my own journey, Buddhism, meditation, nature, our humanity, rising from the depths of self doubt and insecurity to come into the light of awakening and enlightenment. Buddha Nature, our own divinity and our oneness, and inseprableness from nature.

May all beings be happy, May they all be loved, May they all be protected from harm, and free from fear, May they be joyful, May all beings be at ease, May all beings be free.